”Heldeke and HeldkeTV has been our ‘go-to’ place for organising events for the past few years- in person in Tallinn and as a studio & virtual event space for online events.

As a startup accelerator, we are judged by the quality of events that we hold, especially in an online setup when you can’t rely on the free beer and snacks to cheer people up

Our experience with the HeldekeTV team has always exceeded expectations – they are professional, easy to work with, with an ‘everything is possible’ attitude and could handle all requests, however demanding they were.

And all that is always served with a smile on their face and a ‘Too easy!’ slogan. ”

Lauma Galilite

Startup Wise Guys

”I had the pleasure to stream online 4 Flamenco guitar concerts with HeldekeTV and I was delighted.

The best quality of audio and image, every technical aspect worked smoothly and, on top of that, their team is just awesome!

Both the audience and the performer were very satisfied. Always grateful to HeldekeTV”

Jorge Arena

Flamenco Guitarist