Digital Fringe Venue

HeldekeTV is a digital fringe venue for  performances such as cabaret, stand-up comedy, improv theatre, variety, dance… 

and everything that does and doesn’t fit it into any of those boxes.

Every theatre is different in size, the audience it attracts and types of events it hosts, and so is every digital venue.

Our speciality is the slightly odd, the riskant, a place for the chancer to shine, the dreamer to let go, the mind blower to crack some heads and for the entertainer to distract. If you’re looking for a digital venue that will support your silly, crazy, exciting and dazzling ideas then you’ve certainly come to the right place. We’d be happy to host you at HeldekeTV.

Theatre is momentary and our digital venue supports this tradition. No ticketed shows will be available for consumption after they have finished. If you’re not in the room to see it, then you won’t know what happened. 

Digital Fringe Venue HeldekeTV

Our digital fringe venue offers paywalled, ad-free, privately hosted secure streaming in 1080HD with an interactive chat widget that doesn’t require a login or signup.

We also offer donation, ‘pay what you want’ and paywalled options for public platforms such as Zoom, Youtube etc.

HeldekeTV works best as a venue within a digital festival and can also be used for one-off shows, as the pricing is based on a per ticket sold basis.

If you’re interested in our online conference solutions, then our professional production team also has you covered. 

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